Wilderness Travel Tips – Saving Time & Money

When making a trip to Wilderness South Africa, you can save yourself a lot of unnecessary stress by sticking to a budget and a travel plan, but making them is usually the hardest part. It’s also important to keep in mind things like different cultures that may require you to change your plans or behavior. When in Wilderness these things aren’t as large an issue but elsewhere in South Africa, being respectful of a culture and customs is important.

When you’re doing the research portion of the trip, make sure you check out the place you intend to stay very well, and ask places like Wilderness on Sea to show you their reviews. Some establishments will even give out a phone number of someone who has stayed there as a reference you can speak to personally if you have any doubts at all. Reputable places like Wilderness on Sea are happy to provide details from others to give you confidence that the money you’re investing in your stay is going to the best place for your needs.

It can be very helpful to ask your friends and family, particularly those who may have been to Wilderness, or even elsewhere in South Africa, what they’d recommend you see while there, or what to avoid. If nobody you know has been to South Africa at all, it can still be done by asking locals while you’re out touring the area, from places you go to eat, to walks on the beach, people are friendly and will be more than happy to give recommendations on where to go. There’s events that happen in the area seasonally and by checking out sites online that cover the area in question, you can ensure you don’t miss out on something that happens once a year that you’ll be there for!

Most people have no idea that South Africa participates with Groupon, a popular company that provides deep discounts to people in certain areas. All you need is access to print the Groupon out once you’ve purchased it, and it has a handy app you can put on your smartphone. By checking out apps like Groupon and many others that offer coupons, discounts and deals, you’ll get the most from your money while visiting easily. South Africa is a very inexpensive destination as it is, but by maximizing how you spend your money, it ensures you get the most from it without sacrificing anything, and also probably guarantees you’ll go home with more at the end.

If you’re looking to pack your carry-on and are feeling the pressure of getting everything into tiny containers, consider samples instead. Doing a search online for free samples will turn up plenty of things you can have delivered to your home before you leave that you can take with you and not have to hassle with putting the bigger things into smaller containers at all, or spend more on minis. You can get toothpastes, shampoo, cosmetics and plenty more. You’ll be able to stockpile these things also for your next trip whether near or far from home.

Packing liquids is always problematic, particularly those that are in pumps, sprays or cans like mousse. Anything under pressure can also explode inside luggage when exposed to high temperatures or extreme pressure, and your baggage isn’t always kept nice and cool below the plane, so keep in mind that liquids of any kind should always go inside separate plastic bags then again inside a larger one and sealed together in the baggage below the plane. Just think of the disaster it would be if everything you had that was a liquid suddenly exploded among your clothing and other nice things.

Flying in comfort cannot be overstated, it is the one single thing that can mean the difference between what seems like endless torment, and being moderately comfortable while getting to South Africa. It’s a long trip no matter where you’re coming from, Africa is an immense continent and you cannot tell just how large until you begin trying to get from the top to the bottom by plane. Since it is such a long trip, it will mean sitting for extended periods of time, and often the temperature will not be under your control. It may get oppressively hot or terribly cold. Your seat mate may turn on the reading light and you may want to sleep. Taking along a light jacket and wearing comfortable slip on and off shoes is key to staying more comfortable. Also consider buying a neck pillow so you can nod off and not get a pinched neck or headache by sleeping badly.

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