Wilderness on Sea & National Parks – Perfect Pairing

When you are looking to get away and explore while on holiday, you want a place that facilitates that sort of experience the best, and no place is better suited than Wilderness on Sea in Wilderness, South Africa. It stands around one kilometer from Wilderness National Park where visitors have the pleasure of engaging in many different and fun activities. There’s fishing, bird watching, abseiling/rappelling, mountain biking or trail biking, kayaking, canoeing, and many different hiking options. The more adventurous can even go paragliding or parasailing!

A visitor to the area showed what can be expected at the park, and there’s good reason to see why people all over the world have reviewed the park from 4 stars to 5 stars. A few were happy to leave their opinions.

“It is a superb spot. We have visited many of the National Parks in South Africa and a lot of similar places elsewhere. Just for a short relaxed stopover this spot ranks highly.”
Rating: 5 Stars

“Ideally situated for nature & bird lovers with excellent restaurants and beach facilities in close proximity.”
Rating: 4 Stars

“It was most unfortunate that our stay was only a brief one. We will definitely try to return for longer to repeat a most relaxing and enjoyable stay.”
Rating: 4 Stars

The high ratings pair perfectly with Wilderness on Sea which has gotten plenty of incredible reviews itself for the bounteous offering at this one-of-a-kind place to stay. Getting a 4.6 average from TripAdvisor out of a total 5 stars, and a 8.7 average out of ten possible from Booking.com, the people are happy to speak up for this property.

Guests stayed February 2016

“It was a perfect stay in wilderness. The b&b is really close to the Beach and restaurants. The room was really big and the bed was perfect. The breakfast was excellent. You get really much for the money you pay.”
Eva – Sweden

“Lovely breakfasts. Rhoda was extremely helpful and welcoming. Great location close to beach and also to town and good restaurants.”
Anne – U.K.

Guest stayed January 2016

“Stay too short… .Wonderful facilities, caring attention to detail. Nothing too much trouble for the staff. I mistakenly left a chunk of money in one of my cycling tops that I gave to Lulu for laundry. She returned it the next day, long before I realized it was missing.”
Maxwell – Australia

Guest stayed December 2015

“Very friendly, helpful staff that is always around / visible when you need them. We loved that we could walk to the beach and restaurants with our toddler. Fantastic location. The room and premises are neat, clean and well maintained. We will definitely stay here again.”
Suni – South Africa

It is clear to see why pairing a trip to the National Parks goes great with the perfect accommodation. The park is situated in a prime area for birders, animal lovers, hikers, those looking for marine life or unique fynbos areas that can only be found in this region. Comfortably situated between the tows of George and Knysna, the park manages to protect three crucial zones of indigenous forest, four types of fynbos, and all manner of historical archaeological sites.

Eilandvlei, Langvlei, and Rondevlei are connected by the Touw river and are home to a large variety of aquatic life which earned it the proclamation of being a Ramsar site. These sites are known for being wetlands that hold international importance, and in this case it’s for the Grey Heron, Little Egret, and the many vibrantly bright Knysna Loeries that live here. They also are home to a unique variety of seahorse. From Dolphin Point, one can also spot dolphins and whales.

The area draws a ton of hiking and birding fans since there is such a large concentration of them to be found in one spot here. The Rondevlei bird hide and Malachite Kingfisher bird hide located in Langvlei offer a one-of-a-kind chance to get a look at these stunning birds in their own habitat. A third bird hide exists along the Touw river called the Gallinule bird hide. You’ll be able to see birds like the Great Crested Grebes, Red-knobbed Coot, Little Grebe, Cape Shoveler, Yellow-Billed Duck, and Reed Cormorant.

These water-loving birds are not the only feathered fantasies here however, as many can also be seen in the lush surrounding forests. Hike out to see raptors like the Cuckoo Hawk, Crowned Eagle, Forest Buzzzard, Black and Red Breasted Sparrowhawk, and African Goshawks. You may even get the lucky shot of watching one of these aerial acrobats swoop down in a low dive to catch a meal!

Hikers can enjoy this place to no end as well, with 7 well known trails in the Wilderness end of the park. There’s the Outeniqua Trail, Brown-hooded Kingfisher Trail, Half-collared & Giant Kingfisher Trail, Bosduif Loop, Cape Dune Mole-rat Trail, Millwood Overnight Trail, and Woodville Big Tree Circular Walk. An otter trail is also there for those with longer stays as it takes about 5 days to complete. The otter trail is age restricted to a minimum of 12 years to a maximum of 65 due ot the physical demands made while hiking the trail. If anyone over 65 is hale and hearty enough, they need only provide a recent certificate from their Doctor that confirms that they can undertake the challenges of the trail in terms of fitness. Hikers under the age of 12 must have their parents sign SANParks Indemnity Form, along with having all pertinent identity documents and passport copies. Reservations are recommended due to the length of the hike.

All the trails excepting the Otter Trail are day walks, or can be done overnight as there’s cabins that are positioned along the trails for last minute shelter that are always well-stocked with firewood, water and rudimentary bedding. Any extras you must bring along in your pack, it’s a cabin but it’s certainly roughing it in every sense of the word. The Outeniqua Trail is one of the favourites as it winds to the coast through the fynbos, heading out to the end where sea caves are visible and there are rock formations to explore. Those who have hiked it leave feeling euphoric and as though they’ve come alive all over again.

More hiking information from the park is available here: SANParks – South African National Parks

Come see why this ideal pairing between Wilderness on Sea and Wilderness National Park is a match made in Heaven.

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