Skydiving in Wilderness

picture of a tandem skydive

While we’re on the idea of getting the most of the view in a place that is unlike anywhere else, may as well check off another item on the bucket list. This is certainly one to get done while here. There is no time like the present, and Wilderness presents quite the opportunity to skydive in paradise unparalleled certainly, and if you have never done it, having this be your maiden voyage would be very appropriate above the aquamarine sea and the warm winds.

First off, making the trip to South Africa is easily cheaper than most other destinations especially beach side where white sand is abundant. South African beaches are less crowded than the ones more frequented by tourists elsewhere, and your money generally goes much farther. Other sandy destinations with flashy names have the same umbrella drinks, thatched huts, white sand, but not a whole lot else really. South Africa has more than 20 different cultures just in foods to eat and that’s just in one location to dine on. If scantily clad bathing is your thing, that’s great but there’s so much more here, culture, music, the thrum of a country and a culture that has nightlife and open land waiting to welcome you.

Wilderness is true to that name. The Garden Route is one of those areas that is home to award winning wineries, fynbos regions rich in hiking areas where hikers can go explore for days if they like, where kilometres of white sandy beaches stretch as far as you can see, ringed by turquoise and green ocean lapping gently onto the beach as children make castles as they laugh and play. It’s not so crowded along the shores that you’re arm and elbow with other beach-goers, you have plenty of space to stretch out and find a spot that is all your own. The best part of coming as far as South Africa is the generous exchange rate, meaning that the hard earned money you have saved to go on your well earned holiday will be used for a lot more luxury for a fraction of the price. Places likeĀ Wilderness on Sea will show you why living in a self catering option gives the ultimate freedoom to your holiday while in South Africa. Stay in a place that feels like a home away from home, and still have enough time and money to go for a hot stone treatment and massage if you like at many of the local businesses.

Those massages are perfect to loosen up those muscles to get you ready for your next adventure, and you’ll have saved up plenty for the trip of a lifetime. You’re about to make your first big jump! Skydive Mossel Bay is ready to bring you their motto which states, “Skydivers have more fun than people” meaning, you’re about to become so much more. Be prepared to transcend your own humanity. You’re about to be more. There is a great video on their site so you can see what to expect if you’ve a case of nerves but the best thing to do is just to do it. Wilderness is absolutely one of the very best in terms of raw beauty however, it doesn’t get much better for a first jump.

Here’s some of the finer points for skydiving if you’re not convinced though. It does go against a human’s base instinct after all, and unless you’ve done it once, you’re not likely to just run out and do it automatically so here’s a short-list of why it’s a great thing to do:

  • Great Stress Relief! No kidding! Psychology experts report that trying high risk activities are essential to the human species and when you skydive you’re focusing on what you’re doing and nothing else at all. You forget all your worries, all distractions. Adrenaline courses through you, and you feel mentally and physically cleansed like never before.
  • Physical Benefits. Upper arm strength is built by skydiving through control of the parachute, as well as during landing. Carrying the equipment is also quite the haul.
  • Face Your Fears! Do it! If you do this, you can seriously do anything. What tops jumping out of an airplane? Anything? Once you know that, you’ll start realizing everything else pales in significance and that is so empowering.
  • Challenges Come Easier. This goes with the last one. You’ll find yourself challenging yourself to beat goals more, knowing you’re capable of much more, and it feels great.
  • Changes Your Life. You’ll have moments when you see the entire world totally differently. You’ll start to wonder why you didn’t do things sooner, and then plan to do them, you’ll be making changes while you’re floating down, and laugh at yourself, in such a good way.
  • Confidence In a HUGE Way. You don’t need self-help books, and you will never need them. You’ll have enough to share with others, and they’ll probably get tired of hearing it. You’ll have so much energy and it will probably be hard to sleep at night. Ever have an epiphany? Be ready to. You’re going to have that sort of glow that others can see and feel. It’s contagious. Others will be drawn to you, be ready. Confidence is a natural charm.
  • Refreshed Mentally. Adrenaline is meant for survival, and jumping out of a plane has a funny way of, well…releasing it. You’ll feel full of energy and excited as your body responds to that rush. Skydivers say the activity requires intense control over the mind, and severe inner quiet to calm that rush so you can keep that inner awareness of everything around you as you jump out of the plane.
  • Awareness in Existential Ways. Yes, we went there. The world is beautiful in ways we can’t see from our place on the ground. Haven’t you wondered what it looks like from the sky? When you have done something that changes your life and felt the rush of the wind past your face, your blood pumping through your body, you’re going to see the world differently, that’s a promise. Your perception is going to be altered. You will no longer see in black and white or shades of grey, there’s going to be something forever changed.

Skydiving is something that unlocks part of us that is inside all of humanity we’re afraid to let out. There’s a superhero in there, in every one of us, and for those moments when the air is the only thing carrying our body as we drift to the ground, it is utter and perfect bliss. Just ask any skydiver anywhere. It’s also probably the best thing you can do for yourself at any point in time. While in Wilderness, enjoying the trip of a lifetime staying at Wilderness on Sea, be sure to jump out of a perfect good airplane with Skydive Mossel Bay!

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