25 Tips to Pack Like a Pro


Heading to Wilderness for some fun, hiking and taking photos, and really getting out there to feel some true freedom is the best plan for your holiday. Packing for that plan is a bit more tricky, and a little frustrating. Let us help you take that away a bit.

Wilderness on Sea is Freedom

At Wilderness on Sea, being able to do your thing in privacy and comfort is key. A backpacker doesn’t typically want to be catered to, and they’re only mildly interested in luxury items. For them, the draw is what is outside, and how far they can hike, and often – what they can cook for themselves when they return to their temporary home. Wilderness on Sea is perfect for anyone looking to get away completely, where you’re in charge of every aspect of your trip away. There are self-catering options as well as offerings which make it into more of a B & B stay, so no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find it.

Packing Tips!

1. Straws & Skincare
Fill up straws with skincare products and crimp the ends using a flat iron. Use tape around the straw with a flag to mark which tube is which, and you shouldn’t get it confiscated by the TSA. You can even use contact lens cases for liquid makeup in much the same way. Even if you pack it in your checked baggage, you’ll give yourself a lot more space by only packing what you will use because you can buy most of it while you’re there.

2. Use an App
There is a site you can use (Budgetdirect) which will help you determine what to bring by listing how long you’ll be there, where you’ll be, and a lot more. You can then just print it out and check them off your list!

3. Roll ups
Roll your clothing, don’t fold it. This maximizes the space you have available in your bags. If you roll it and then place it in gallon-size zipper bags, you can even push the air out as well to make even more space.

4. Hollow Chapstick
Hollow out a tube of chapstick so you can hide your valuables while you’re at the beach. Granted this only works with very small items.

5. Binder Clips
These things have so many uses. One is to keep your wires from being tangled, no matter where you are. They’ll keep them free and loose so they don’t get into a big mess. They can help you mark where you are in a book, they can help squeeze the last of your toothpaste out, they can be used to secure the top of your razor, and they can be used as a makeshift toothbrush holder.

6. Pot Holders are Perfect
Use these to hold your iron or flat iron, or anything else you use that gets hot. It’s a perfect heat-proof carry-case.

7. Dirty Shoes no More
Use a shower cap or a grocery bag to cover the bottoms of your shoes so that you don’t get dirt or sand in your clothes.

8. Cotton Tricks
Use cotton pads or cotton wool on top of powdered makeup in compacts,to provide padding that will keep it from breaking.

9. Blazer Backward
Keep blazers turned inside out so they won’t wrinkle when folded and packed.

10. Soapcase Camera
Your camera needs to be well protected, so if you don’t have an actual camera case, most soapboxes will fit over most cameras today, and are cheaply purchased at a chemist.

11. Pillbox Perfect
Packing away jewelry can be difficult as it tends to tangle and not travel well. Use a Monday – Friday pillbox to store your jewelry safely away from each other, and tangle free!

12. Mint Tin Hair Pins
Use any mint tin to hold your hair pins, even a tic-tac bottle works well for bobbypins.

13. Belts for Collars
Use your belt rolled up inside your collar to keep it in shape and stiff.

14. No Speakers
You don’t need iPhone speakers for your trip, you can put it up in a glass and get exactly the same effect.

15. Buds in a Bottle
Cotton buds usually fit quite nicely in an old prescription bottle.

16. Tea Tins for All!
Tea tins are the perfect size for a travel medical kit.

17. Glasses Case Cables
Use a glasses case to store your charging cables.

18. Plastic Wrap Bottles
Use plastic cling wrap on top of bottles with a rubber band to keep them from leaking.

19. Art Supply Snacks
Use an art supply box, or school organizer box to bring snacks for the plane trip, and out to the beaches.

20. Sheets for Odor
Use a single fabric softener sheet in your luggage to prevent travel odors and re-washing everything you packed.

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