25 Tips to Pack Like a Pro


Heading to Wilderness for some fun, hiking and taking photos, and really getting out there to feel some true freedom is the best plan for your holiday. Packing for that plan is a bit more tricky, and a little frustrating. Let us help you take that away a bit.

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How to Rest Well in Wilderness


Wilderness South Africa can be just as synonymous with rest and relaxation as it can be with adventure and excitement. The great part about this area is that it totally depends on what you want to do while you are on holiday. Some people just want an escape, and others want to go have non-stop […]

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Sun Safety with Wilderness on Sea

With November in full swing and December quickly on its heels, we are smack in the middle of summer and there is no better time to stress sun safety in South Africa where going out at certain times for even 10 minutes can burn you quite badly. Wilderness is a hamlet like beach along the […]

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Travel Habit Tips You Can Use Now

Travel sites looking for buzz clicks, using click-bait and other sneaky techniques would like you to believe that you can do away with a bad habit, travel or otherwise in 21 days. People who are involved in habit formation, like scientists and scholars suggest otherwise; that forming a habit takes between 96 days to a […]

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Adrenaline along the Garden Route

The Garden Route along the West Coast is best known for its serene beauty, but it’s also home to hardcore surfers and adrenaline junkies who seek out the most extreme sports and activities they can find to include abseiling, zip-lining, shark-diving, and bungy jumping just to name a few. Wilderness on Sea People who enjoy […]

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Wilderness, Whales and Festival Time!

hermanus whale 630x210

If you’re looking at staying at Wilderness on Sea, then you’re the kind of person who values adventure and a free spirit. You’re also probably going to love the festivals that are happening as Winter ebbs to welcome in the Spring. Wilderness, like many of the small villages and towns which dot the West Coast […]

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Fishing in and Around Wilderness

fishing in wilderness

Fishing is a something of a passion to a lot of people, and there are even types of fishing that appeal to different kinds of people. Some prefer to eat their catch over a fire that very night, and others prefer not to keep it at all, to release it back to the wild, and […]

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Wilderness on Sea & Canoeing

Wilderness sits like a sparkling gem along the Garden Route in pristine South Africa, a hamlet offering some of the finest food anywhere, small village charm and an abundance of wildlife and open areas to explore. It is small wonder then, that this place remains one of the best places to visit when on holiday […]

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Live Like the Locals at Wilderness On Sea

Everyone has heard the phrase, “live like a local while you’re there.” Anytime we dare to leave our own country’s borders for the exciting new adventures beyond, some well meaning friend or traveler has passed along these sage words of advice. What’s funny however, is the fact that if you followed those words you would […]

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Wilderness on Sea & National Parks – Perfect Pairing

When you are looking to get away and explore while on holiday, you want a place that facilitates that sort of experience the best, and no place is better suited than Wilderness on Sea in Wilderness, South Africa. It stands around one kilometer from Wilderness National Park where visitors have the pleasure of engaging in […]

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